About CCSS

CCSS Purposes
To advocate the importance of quality Social Studies education at the state, county and local levels 

To assist and encourage teachers to provide quality instruction in history, geography, and the social science related fields 

To advocate and promote History-Social Science education as an essential foundation in developing citizens for a democratic and humane society 

To identify quality resources for the improvement of Social Studies programs and instruction 

To assist in the development and implementation of state and local policies, frameworks, guides, testing programs and other instructional components.


Benefits of Membership
Annual Conference - Members may participate in the statewide annual meeting at a reduced registration fee. 

Publications – All CCSS members receive as part of their membership a nationally recognized professional journal the Social Studies Review with articles and teaching ideas related to specific high priority topics. The quarterly newsletter Sunburst provides current and critical information about school reform issues, social studies professional development and leadership opportunities, and curriculum support. 

Leadership Opportunities – CCSS members are encouraged to participate on committees such as Curriculum & Instruction, Diversity and Social Justice, Governmental Relations, Membership, Professional Standards and Awards, and Publications.

Legislative Representation – CCSS members are encouraged to engage in advocacy for Social Studies to the State Board of Education, members of the legislature and to other civic and educational organizations. 

Professional Recognition – CCSS members join in the recognition and celebration of excellence in social studies leadership, programs and teaching at the elementary, middle, secondary, and higher education levels. 


CCSS Serves the Profession and the Membership
Advocacy for expanded quality Social Studies education programs for all K-12 students. 

Visibility and communication of a strengthened History-Social Science discipline in California schools. 

The development of a standards-based education practice and standards implementation in an effort to advance Social Studies education. 

Enhanced capacity of Social Studies programs to serve diverse student needs.

Effective staff development and pre-service training programs to prepare Social Studies teachers for quality classroom instruction. 

The development, promotion and distribution of effective learning resources and current technology, advocacy and leadership in the Social Studies classroom. 


CCSS Values

As Social Studies professionals, CCSS and the membership value practices for promoting and supporting quality Social Studies education instruction and strategies including methods that: 

  • engage students in active learning. 
  • relate classroom instruction to real world issues and conditions. 
  • prepare students to act with civility in an increasingly diverse society. 
  • help students become ethical problem solvers and reasoned decision-makers. 
  • prepare students with essential critical thinking skills to live in a rapidly changing world. 
  • prepare youth for productive and cooperative activity at work and in communities. 
  • value diversity and promote cultural respect and understanding. 
  • address controversial issues in a systematic and objective manner, presenting multiple views and perspectives. 
  • help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

CCSS Purpose: CCSS is a non-profit professional organization serving both public and private school educators, and is the leading voice for quality social studies education in California.

CCSS Vision: The California Council for the Social Studies will serve as the leading voice for the promotion of quality History-Social Science education in California. 

CCSS Mission: The California Council for the Social Studies promotes and supports quality Social Studies education through service, advocacy and leadership development. We are collectively committed to strengthening the teaching of the Social Studies disciplines through professional development, public awareness and collaboration at local, state and national levels. Our practices demonstrate a pro-active approach to the dynamics of change while maintaining traditions that provide stability and continuity through high standards for educational excellence.

CCSS promotes and supports social studies education through service, advocacy and leadership development. We are collectively committed to the strengthening and teaching of the social studies discipline though professional development, public awareness and collaboration at local, state and national levels.

"We want our students to understand the value, the importance, and the fragility of democratic institutions to develop a keen sense of ethics and citizenship, and to care deeply about the quality of life in their community, their nation and their world."

  • California History-Social Science Framework
  • Affirmed by the California Council for the Social Studies

Social Studies is "the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence." The California Council for the Social Studies is the leading voice for History-Social Science education in California. It represents educators in all fields of the Social Studies including history, geography, economics, political science, civics, law, archaeology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and the humanities at all educational levels from kindergarten through university.

California Council for the Social Studies
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