CCSS Committees

Curriculum and Instruction Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee of CCSS is to...

  • Advise the Board of Directors of significant developments in curriculum and instruction.
  • Advise the Board of Directors of strategies to promote the implementation of high quality social studies education in California schools. 
  • Encourage and promote participation of CCSS members on state bodies developing standards, frameworks, instructional materials, and other documents and programs of the social studies. 
  • Act as a clearinghouse to provide educators with information, resources, and support for implementing California history-social science standards and Framework. 
Diversity and Social Justice Committee

The purpose of the Diversity and Social Justice Committee of CCSS is to...

  • Support diversity and social justice in the classroom, school community, and curriculum. 
  • Provide resources and best practices to help educators integrate diversity and social justice into the classroom and school. 
  • Evaluate and select History Day in California award for Diversity and Social Justice. 
  • Ensure that diversity and social justice issues are represented at the annual CCSS conference.
Governmental Relations Committee Committee
The purpose of the Governmental Relations Committee of CCSS is to... 
  • Develop and recommend strategies and procedures by which CCSS can influence public policy.
  • Advise and assist CCSS Board of Directors on issues related to legislation and public policy impacting social studies education. 
  • Establish, enhance, maintain, and support the dissemination of legislative information to the CCSS membership. 
  • Plan the Legislative Breakfast during the annual conference. 
  • Select a recipient for the public policy leadership award recognizing the actions by a government leader having a positive impact on social studies education.
Membership and Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Membership and Outreach Committee of CCSS is to... 

  • Design and implement strategies for the recruitment and retention of CCSS members. 
  • Monitor membership trends and local council membership. 
  • Coordinate and collaborate with local council leadership and CCSS committees to increase membership and outreach. 
  • Promote communication with other social studies organizations in California. 
  • Inform the public of the benefits and privileges of CCSS membership for professionals in the field of social studies education.
▼ Professional Standards and Awards Committee

The purpose of the Professional Standards and Awards Committee of CCSS is to... 

  • Advise the Board of Directors of significant developments in the preparation requirements and/or working conditions of social studies teachers which may require response or action by the Council. 
  • Advise the Board of Directors of strategies to enhance the recruitment and training of outstanding social studies educators in California. 
  • Identify and disseminate research pertinent to improving social studies education. 
  • Administer the CCSS awards program in conformity with NCSS regulations and the processes and procedures outlined in CCSS Standing Rules. 
  • Make recommendations to the CCSS Board of Directors for improvement of the Awards program.
▼ Publications and Technology Committee

The purpose of the Publications Committee of CCSS is to... 

  • Select topics, guest editors, and contributors for each of the CCSS publications; including the Sunburst,  Social Studies Review, Occasional Papers, and the CCSS website. 
  • Advise, assist, and oversee the work of the editors of each CCSS publication.
  • Develop and coordinate publication policies and profiles.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of publications within CCSS membership. 
  • Participate in the development of job descriptions, expectations, and responsibilities, and in the hiring of publication editors.



Much of the work and outreach of CCSS occurs through the committees. All committees meet a minimum of twice per year; the day before the first fall Board of Directors, and at the Annual CCSS Conference. Individual committees meet to conduct business as needed during the rest of the year. All CCSS members are eligible to serve on a committee. Much of the committee business is conducted through email, so it very important to have a working email account.

To become a committee member, review the purpose of each committee, as it is described by clicking the menu bar, and let CCSS know your are interested by contacting the committee chair listed on the chart or by completing the application form below.

Participate in a Committee for 2015-2016 by attending the Saturday committee meeting of your choice at the CCSS conference in Costa Mesa, March 5, 2016.  Consult the program for time and room. All are welcome.  

Committee Planning Guide Documents

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