Exploring Historic Barrio Logan and Chicano Park (Ticketed Event)

Sponsored by the California Geographic Alliance

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This field trip will explore one of San Diego's most distinctive and historic neighborhoods and also one of the most spectacular collections of outdoor murals anywhere in the world.  Since 1871, Logan Heights/Barrio Logan has been a distinctive part of San Diego's landscape.  First set aside to attract a railroad and capitalize on the natural deep water port, the area was opened up for residential development before the turn of the 20th century and accommodated a surge of refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution in 1910. The prime location brought changes and challenges: the expansion of Naval Base San Diego and shipyards along the waterfront; large scale fish canning operations; rezoning to allow for industrial land uses; and construction of the I-5 freeway and Coronado Bridge. The Latino community has remained staunchly committed to the neighborhood, and Chicano Park's spectacular murals are the most visible evidence of the resistance and resilience of the community. We will explore the neighborhood's landscape, history, and culture simultaneously.  Using a geographer's perspective, we will make sense of this fascinating neighborhood with Victorian origins, an uneasy juxtaposition of industrial and residential land uses, rich cultural roots, and more recent traces of an arts scene and gentrification. We will end the tour at the Chicano Park National Historic Landmark, where we will have time to view the many murals and learn about the connections between community activism and the park. 

 We will be walking 2-3 miles and on our feet for up to 3 hours, so dress comfortably and bring appropriate weather protection. Please bring no more than you can easily carry and limit the amount of valuables you bring on the trip to include only essentials. Cameras are recommended for Chicano Park.

Transportation included.

Thomas Herman, PhD

National Geographic Teacher Certification Program


Friendship Park/Border Wall (Ticketed Event)

Up Close with the Border Wall and the Border Angels

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Join us for an exploration of immigration and social justice issues related to a modern-day wall – the border fence that separates greater San Diego, USA from Tijuana, Mexico.  Tour stops will include Friendship Park at the US/Mexico border within Border Fields State Park at the Southwest corner of the United States. We will benefit from a presentation by a member of the Border Angels, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexico border.  See the existing border fence for yourself, including the Door of Hope (Puerta de la Esperanza), which is a gate in the fence that is occasionally and briefly opened to allow families separated by the wall a chance to reunite and hug. To access the park, a 40-minute walk on a trail may be necessary, and could be somewhat muddy with recent rains. Plan to wear comfortable walking shoes (that you don't mind getting dirty). Participants must bring valid US or State government-issued photo identification (and visas if applicable).

Transportation included. 

Participants should bring money to purchase their own lunch during the trip.

Thomas Herman, PhD

National Geographic Teacher Certification Program



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