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Pratibha Adamo


I have been an educator for almost 14 years teaching several elementary grades. I have had the pleasure of being associated with several HSS projects since 2009. An equity warrior and an advocate for gender parity especially in STEAM. Student engagement, voice & choice is the cornerstone of my classroom. For this I was awarded the Santa Clara County Office of Education's State Seal of Civic Engagement award for 2020-21. I have served on several district and county level committees giving me a holistic view of educational needs. I am currently teaching 6th grade at a Title 1 school.


An equity warrior and an advocate for gender parity especially in STEAM... I am passionate about bringing different perspectives into my classroom. An inquiry framework informs my pedagogy deeply. Collaborating with stakeholders and other agencies that empower and strengthen our communities is one of my strengths. I will bring my own personal passion of storytelling, latest pedagogical research and civic engagement to Region 5. As a passionate advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, it is imperative that we provide spaces for educators to empower themselves as the changemakers and truth seekers. Providing such a space through Region 5 will be imperative for us to bring about lasting impact on our communities.

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