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Lindsay Charron


Lindsey Charron has taught U.S. history at the middle school level for the past
seventeen years. She currently teaches U.S. history and student leadership and
government at Ensign Intermediate School in Newport Beach, CA, where she is also
the activity director. Lindsey was selected as a James Madison Fellow in 2013 and has two master's degrees in educational technology and history. She is very passionate about
teaching with primary sources and utilizing technology in the class and has
presented at the National Council for Social Studies and California Council for Social
Studies multiple times. Proud to be an an alumnus of the George Washington Teacher
Institute and a Monticello Barringer Fellow, she has also attended many Gilder Lehrman
and NEH seminars. Additional roles Lindsey serves in are as a National Oratory
Fellow with Ford’s Theatre and Master Teacher with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of
American History. In addition, Lindsey was the CCSS 2020 Middle School Teacher of the Year.


With our current climate and context, there has never been a time to press for more of an emphasis to be placed on history and civics. History matters, and if I am elected to be the region 9 representative for the California Council for Social Studies, I will work to help support and advocate for my fellow teachers in the region 9 area. I have been fortunate to attend seminars all over the country over the past ten years, which has greatly widened and deepened my professional learning network. These individuals have made me realize just how essential it is to have a strong network of educators to work with in order to enhance my own curriculum and teaching strategies. Working together, we are stronger and can create a louder voice to bring equity, civics, and critical thinking to the forefront.

I would like to survey the members in my region to see what their needs are. I would like to work to provide more professional development opportunities for the teachers in my area using the incredible California social studies educators in our state to share incredible strategies and lessons they have created.

Fortunate is a word that does not entirely encompass the way I feel about the opportunities I have been given over the past ten years in regards to studying history and professional development, but that is how I feel. It would be an honor to serve the social studies educators in region 9 and to give back to a community which has enriched my life so much.