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CCSS 2022 Speakers

Exhibit Hall

Living and Writing a Migrant's Life

Sunday, March 6
9:40 AM - 10:40 AM

Dave Gutierrez

Author Dave Gutierrez wrote the true story of a WWII unit using Genealogy research as a foundation.  Over the span of five years of research, he was able to connect with over sixty different families of the men that served with his relatives in WWII. Dave continues to use genealogy research to record and document history of Hispanic American veterans. Scott Petri's class of John F Kennedy High School in Granada Hills California became the first school in the nation to use author Dave Gutierrez's book Patriots from the Barrio as part of their WWII lessons.
Dave Gutierrez.png
David Gutierrez
Author, Patriots from the Barrio

Dave Gutierrez is a professional researcher, historical presenter, writer and author of the book Patriots from the Barrio, the true story of Company E 141st Infantry: the only all Mexican American Army unit in WWII. His articles have appeared in publications including American Legion and War History Online. Recognized by both the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin and the National WWII Museum in New Orleans for his groundbreaking work on Company E 141st Infantry, he also specializes in genealogical research, Mexican American history, and World War II studies. He is the current President of the Nuevo Mundo Historical and Genealogical Society of Silicon Valley.  

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