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CCSS 2022 Speakers

Exhibit Hall

Whose Eyes See the Past? Whose Agency Do We Feature?: Troubling History for Troubling Times

Saturday, March 5
2:40 PM  - 3:40 PM

Linda Levstik

If the measure of a free society is the degree to which its members exercise individual and collective agency in informed, intelligent, and humane ways and demand the same from national and global institutions, we social studies teachers teach in troubled times. This session focuses on the challenge, in this new era, of helping students inquire into troubling histories with a degree of subtlety that encourages imagining themselves as collectively keeping a richly pluralist democracy alive, well, and in good hands.
Linda Levstik.png
Linda Levstik
Professor Emerita, University of Kentucky

Linda S. Levstik is Professor Emerita in social studies/humanities education at the University of Kentucky. She received the Jean Grambs Career Research Award from the National Council for the Social Studies for her work on the development of historical thinking in national and international democracies, including New Zealand and Ghana, for  work focused on gender equitable classrooms and for investigating social and historical issues in children’s and adolescents’ literature.  As Professor Emerita, she has worked with international faculty development through the Center for Learning and Teaching at the University of Kentucky, and with a tutoring program at the Carnegie Literacy Center in Lexington, KY. 

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