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Stephanie Enriquez


Stephanie Enriquez, History/Social Science/ELD Content Specialist, offers 15 years of teaching experience in grades 6-12 and has experience teaching students of various skills and grade levels, including Special Education, English Learners, and GATE/Honor students in History-Social Science.  She is currently the History-Social Science/ELD Content Specialist at Ventura County Office of Education. She facilitates workshops, presentations, and professional development ranging from school, district, to state conferences.   She is a member of the History-Social Science Framework Rollout team and presents a breakout session on Chapter 20, Access and Equity.  She is also a member of the Educational Advisory Board for the Reagan Presidential Library’s Situation Room, in Simi Valley, Ca.  In her position at Ventura County Office of Education, she facilitates workshops with TK-12 teachers in the History-Social Science Framework and standards.  In her position, she has been able to expand her professional knowledge beyond History-Social Science to include presentations in the ELA/ELD Framework and ELD Standards, Unit Design to promote literacy, PBIS CHAMPS, Integrated ELD in History-Social Science, Learning Walks, Academic Conversations, and Arts Integration.


I am passionate about student learning and deepening content knowledge for all to ensure our students are prepared to be positive productive members of our communities.

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