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Chris Lewis, Ph.D.


Christopher Lewis, Ph.D., is a teacher at Mountain View High School in El Monte, CA. He has taught in the English and Social Science department for 18 years. Currently, he is a teacher on Special Assignment supporting English Learners. Additionally, Chris is a part-time lecturer in the Attallah College of Educational Studies at Chapman University where he teaches pre-service educator methods courses. Christopher has presented at a number of conferences including SGVCUE, CCSS, CATE, CA-NAME, & NCTE. His research interests include queer history/literature, youth adult dystopian fiction, civic engagement, youth voice, and multiliteracies.


Being a Social Studies educator is so important. It's important that we help students explore their own identities and their world view. Most importantly, we help students develop their agency by which they can rethink and re-make the world in which we live. Through critical thinking and inquiry, we can challenge students to engage with complex ideas. As a board member, I hope to provide social studies educators resources about topics often ignored or erased from history, including Ethnic Studies and LBGTQ history. Through our conference and local events, I hope to connect teachers to quality resources and pedagogical support. As a current TOSA supporting emerging bilingual students and a part-time professor supporting pre-service teachers, I know how important it is to have a quality social studies education to help students see themselves as participants in society, capable of effecting change.

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