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Michelle Lorimer


Dr. Michelle Lorimer is a historian and lecturer at CSU, San Bernardino who focuses on the History of the U.S., California, and Native America, as well as Public History and Teaching History. She is the author of Resurrecting the Past: The California Mission Myth (2016) as well as several book chapters and articles that focus on the intersections of Native American History and Public History. Dr. Lorimer is actively engaged with local and statewide education initiatives. She has worked with the California Historical Society and the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) to develop content for Teaching California: Bringing Archives into the Classroom. She has collaborated with CHSSP on Framework implementation and serves on the Committee on Teaching and Public Education for the Western Historical Association.


I believe in working actively with educators, communities, and local organizations to support success for students, teachers, and community partners.. I have volunteered my time to education-oriented service projects. I have worked with teachers and administrators on many programs that service teachers and students in Region 10. I've also engaged with leaders in public education to implement the new guidelines for History-Social Science in California K-12 schools. I hope to engage more with regional and statewide educators as a member of the CCSS Board of Directors.

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