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Janet Mann


She has taught all social science core courses as well as AP Human Geography, AP World History, and Psychology for 25+ years. She prides herself on being a teacher leader, serving as Department Chair many years. She continuously finds professional develop opportunities for herself and colleagues, as well as keeps up on educational research. In 2002 she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to South Africa, and has travelled the world, sometimes with students. Janet worked for three years at the California Department of Education, where she provided leadership, and worked to keep the HSS community up-to-date on statewide initiatives, legislation, and new HSS research and opportunities. Her big project at the CDE was civics and because she missed interaction with students, Janet returned to the HSS classroom in 2019 in order to provide opportunities for students to engage in civic learning and action. Janet currently teaches high school in Sacramento.


The State Seal of Civic Engagement is “a thing!”, the Roadmap to Educating for American Democracy has just been introduced, we have a strong HSS inquiry-based Framework! Let’s work together to make sure that all students have an exemplary HSS education K-12! As a proponent of civic instruction and engagement, I hope to bring my experience to this position. I have always been interested in supporting teachers in instruction and I hope to use this position to continue to work with teachers.

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