Janet Mann


Janet Mann taught all social science core courses as well as AP Human Geography and Psychology for 25 years. She maintained a role as a teacher leader, serving as History and Social Science (HSS) Department Chair, while continuously finding professional develop opportunities for herself and colleagues, as well as keeping up on educational research. In 2002 she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to South Africa, and has travelled the world, sometimes with students. Currently she works at the California Department of Education, where she provides leadership, and works to keep the HSS community up-to-date on statewide initiatives, legislation, and new HSS research and opportunities.


AWe need powerful History–Social Science voices in our state. I hope you will make me one of them on the CCSS Board, so that we can work together and take advantage of the renewed interest in civics and inquiry in schools. We need to use our collective voices for administrators, Board Members, and Legislators to really understand the value of a strong HSS education. I hope to support the Northern California area affiliates to become stronger and work with the CCSS Board to make CCSS an even more robust organization.