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Gina Nelson


US Navy Veteran and 16-year veteran teacher in the Social Sciences is looking to join your organization as a representative for Region 7. Having filled this role, and as part of the awards committee, in the past, the responsibilities are both familiar and enjoyable. I have spent time as both the secretary and president of the San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies and a myriad of summer training. These have included Oklahoma City Memorial Fellowship, TAH UC Davis, and We the People Summer Seminar-San Diego. Coaching and judging in both athletic and academic competitions have also been done for: Boys and Girls 7th and 8th-grade basketball, soccer, and track in addition to History Day (local and state) and We the People-State Simulated Congressional Hearings. Locally, I have served on two book adoption committees and created district pacing calendars and instructional guidelines as well as benchmark exams. Awards earned include the 2012 SJVCSS Middle School Teacher of the Year and 2020 CCSS Middle School Teacher of the Year.


After taking a few years to break from my own academic adventures to support my kids through their high school years, it is time for me to eagerly jump back into the things that I love. That includes supporting the teaching of Social Science education at every level. It has been frustrating to find classroom materials that give unbiased information on both sides of an issue. I am lucky to have a variety of viewpoints represented on my campus for me to use as references when evaluating materials to receive feedback on the potential bias that is missed in my initial previewing. Students must feel safe to express their opinion in the classroom, even when they are unpopular. This sort of environment is difficult to maintain when educational materials support one side more than the other. In joining the CCSS board, I hope to learn about a variety of resources and to give feedback on other points of view. If I am going to teach my students respectful discourse it is necessary for me to experience more of this at the academic level represented by CCSS. A spot on this board will serve not only for my own growth as an individual and as a teacher but I believe I can contribute ideas and opinions not always represented.

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