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Justin Paredes


Justin Paredes is Staff Development & Curriculum Specialist - History & Integrated Studies for Tulare County Office of Education.  His responsibilities include supporting History-Social Science education for over 40 school districts in one of the most diverse communities in California.  Justin is regional lead for the statewide Content, Literacy, Inquiry, Citizenship (CLIC) project to help educators implement the 2016 HSS framework.  He also represents Tulare County in the statewide Health Education Framework Community of Practice.  Justin has taught 8th grade US History, 9th grade Geography, 10th grade World History, 12th grade U.S. Government & Economics, and AP US Government.  Justin’s leadership experience includes work as a school site administrator, working to meet the needs of over 1,300 middle school students.  Justin was an active board member for two local CCSS councils:  San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies serving as its Vice-President and Greater San Diego Council for the Social Studies representing Region 9 on the CCSS board.  Justin received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University, Fresno and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration from Chapman University.


I started my career as a Social Studies teacher at the age of 21 because of my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. O’Neill, who had a profound impact on my life.  It is my continuing professional goal to improve my capacity as a Social Studies educator through life-long learning.  Additionally, it is my goal to serve as a teacher to share my learning and experience in support of students and educators within our Social Studies community.  As CCSS representative for Region 7, I will continue to support our students and teachers as we face evolving challenges in education and to prepare students for civic life and service in a global community.  When I think about how teachers such as Mrs. O’Neill have shaped my perspective on life and learning, I conclude that this positive relationship between teacher and student is the key to success in our profession.  To challenge our students, to give them the necessary tools, to inspire potential which even they cannot imagine.  

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