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Session Format

          Lecture: A presentation with one or more presenters                 addressing the audience.

          Panel: A presentation with a designated moderator                    facilitating a discussion among panelists on a specific                topic.

          Interactive Lecture: A lecture built around audience                      participation and interaction with presenter(s)                              throughout the session.


Session Topic Select no more than two.

          Civic Engagement

          Digital Citizenship

          Distance, Online and Blended Learning

          Equity and Inclusion

          Environmental Literacy

          Ethnic Studies

          Global Competency

          Implementation of the CA HSS Framework

          Instruction Design and Delivery

          Media Literacy

          Online Tools, Apps, and Resources

          Project/problem-based Learning

          Social Emotional Learning

          Social Justice         

          Universal Design for Learning


Subject Area Select no more than two.

          U.S. History

          World History



          California History


Grade Level

          PK - 2

          3 - 5

          PK - 5

          4 - 6

          6 - 8

          6 - 12

          9 - 12

          PK - 12



          Please use title case. Limit 12 words.

          Example: Authentic Historical Inquiry in the Online High                School Classroom.


          Write a brief description of your session, describing                   what information your session will offer and what                       attendees can expect to learn during your session.                       Limit 60 words.



Scheduling Consideration

          Sessions will be scheduled on Saturday, March 6 and                  Sunday, March 7.  If you are unable to present on one                of these days, please indicate below.


          Indicate the name, email, and role (presenter or co-                    presenter) for each person associated with this session.



Proposal Summary

          If your proposal is accepted, your answers will be used              in the conference website. Please make sure that all                  responses include correct spelling and grammar.

          Reviewers will evaluate your proposal for its:

  • Relevance to the conference theme.

  • Educational significance and contribution to the selected topic.

  • Value to participants.

  • Presenter knowledge and experience.   


Purpose and Objectives

           Provide a detailed overview of the purpose and                             objectives of your presentation. Describe what                             participants will know and be able to do as a result of                 their participation, or what skills will be introduced.



           Provide a detailed outline of your presentation,                              including:   

  • Content and activities: What content will be presented? What activities will the audience participate in?

  • Time: How much time will be spent on each component?

  • Process: Include information o the tactics you plan to use to engage the audience.

Learner Outcomes

           What will the attendees learn and what will they take               away from attending your session? Describe any new               ideas or strategies attendees will learn.



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