Anita Tucker


Anita Tucker is a history teacher at Cobalt Institute of Math and Science in Victorville.  She has taught for the past 15 years, and currently teaches world history, government, economics, and a senior transition class.  She has also taught middle school history, AP European history, and US history.  She is passionate about working with students to engage them in the knowledge of history as well as involve them in civic minded learning.  She has registered or pre-registered her students to vote and some of her students were poll workers at the primary election.  She has service learning projects for students which have included honoring veterans, interviewing them and writing their biographies, as well as researching service men and women who died in battle and honoring them with an obituary.  She has students attend local board meetings, participate in election campaigns, and work helping register voters.  Most importantly, she tries to engage students in the democratic process.  


Anita is an active member of the History Teacher Leadership Network which grew from the former Teaching American History grant (TAH) which she participated in since 2006.  She is involved in the Inland Empire Council for the Social Studies as a member at large.  She has presented worships and presentations at numerous state, regional, and local conferences in areas such as literacy strategies, working with primary sources, and presidential decision making in times of crisis.  She presented workshops for new teachers to help and assist them.  Anita has been a BTSA and Induction coach for 6 years working to help teachers navigate through the process of clearing their credential and provide support during their first years of teaching.  Anita has attended summer professional development including Gilder Lehrman seminars on The Cold War, Indians and the American southwest, and Immigration.  She has participated in the education field studies for the Underground Railroad, Immigration, Turkey, the Civil War, and presidential leaders.  Additionally she has worked to take students on European trips to Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain for the past 12 years.  Anita has worked to bring History Day to students at three schools and has worked with students participating in History Day for the past 11 years, coaching and mentoring them through participation at the site, county, and state level.  As a former administrator, Anita brings a strong mix of advocacy for all students as well as working to support teachers. 


As a teacher, I have the privilege of working with students to guide them and help them learn to think critically and enkindle a hunger and desire for learning about our history, government, and engage them in civic learning.  While I work at a STEM school, I stress the importance of learning about being able to critically analyze news, promote involvement in the running of our government, and strong ethics.  I believe  that students who are engaged in civic education early and are passionate about it retain that throughout their lives.  I believe that as educators, we need to learn from our students about social media and technology.  Likewise, I believe that we need to teach our students to use critical thinking in examining news articles and I am an advocate of teaching our students media literacy.  As teachers, we can utilize various forms of social media to engage students such as twitter, Instagram, and blogs.  I am a strong advocate for improving classroom learning through ensuring teacher clarity, visual learning, and engagement by design, and sharing this with other educators to make learning better for all students.  Through working with like-minded educators, I hope to continue to grow as an educator and help promote the social studies throughout California and the nation.