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Lauryn Wild


Lauryn Wild is an ELA/HSS Coordinator for San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, where she serves 33 districts focusing on grades 4-12. She is also an adjunct Professor for La Sierra University in Riverside, where she teaches in the credential and masters programs. Previously, she has been an elementary principal and assistant principal, a secondary Curriculum specialist, an instructional coach for middle and high schools and a middle school English and Social Studies teacher. She also taught abroad in Bangkok, Thailand, where she taught ESL at Ekkamai International School.

She has served most of her career in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, where she treasures the community and seeks to ensure that they have access to high quality educational experiences.

Lauryn also had the privilege of serving on the CA Instructional Quality Commission from 2012-2016, where she was involved in the process of working on the most current Math, ELA/ELD, Science and Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks. While on the IQC, she was Chair of the ELA/ELD committee where she helped oversee the ELA/ELD curriculum materials adoption process, and she was Chair of the IQC during the approval of the History/Social Science Framework, and oversaw all of the public forum sessions and presented the framework to the CA State Board for approval.

However, at her heart, she is forever a middle school teacher, and her passion as a "curriculum nerd" propels her to continue to seek ways to make learning fun and accessible for everyone she serves.


I want to ensure that all California students have access to educational experiences that will provide them with emotionally, physically and psychologically safe spaces where they can learn the skills and concepts that will allow them to live fulfilling, prosperous and meaningful lives. My own experiences, education, training and professional privileges have instilled in me a deep respect and passion for learning, and it is my deep commitment to ensure that all California students can access high quality educational experiences that will provide access and equitable opportunities for them to fully realize their own passions.

As a former ELA and Social Studies teacher, I see myself as a champion of literacy, and ensuring that students and educators are equipped to master the skills of inquiry, written and oral communication, critical thinking, and textual analysis.

If I am chosen to serve on the CA Council for the Social Studies, I plan to continue to represent the communities and students I serve so their educational journeys can be considered and represented as we all work together to uplift meaningful social studies learning and teaching.

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