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Kirsten Hill


As an instructional coach at James Monroe Elementary School in Bermuda Dunes, CA, I facilitate professional development for teachers both within my school and district-wide in various subjects. Also, during this current Fall 2021 semester, I am  thrilled to teach the Social Studies & the Arts methods class live in person for California State University San Bernardino at the Palm Desert Campus.

     I have worked in the field of education since 2001, and most recently I taught 5th grade Social Studies with the integration of  English Language Arts in a departmentalized instructional model.  It was the most fun I have ever had as a teacher - I could finally focus on my passion for both writing and social studies! 

      Last Spring, I continued my own professional development by shadowing Rebecca Valbuena in her teaching of Social Studies Methods course at Cal State San Bernardino for the entire Spring 2021 semester.  She introduced me to CCSS and it is exciting to learn and apply new methods and strategies to benefit students across our valley and beyond!

  My passion for  social studies began as  I studied American Literature and Culture at UCLA, where I also earned my Masters in Education through the Teacher Education Program.


As a K - 5 educator committed to teaching for equity and empowerment for ALL students, I believe that teaching social studies profoundly empowers students to become responsible decision-makers with the ability to think critically from multiple perspectives.   I am saddened by the marginalization of social studies in our schools.  I love the way that an inquiry-based approach to teaching civics, economics, history, and geography equips students to truly see themselves as valued, capable problem-solvers. It is critical to help students believe this about themselves from a young age - and it is key in closing the achievement gap for disadvantaged learners.  I am honored to serve in a leadership position to advance the teaching of social studies for our students.

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