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Occasional Papers are research based and address an important issue in social studies education. Each paper is peer-reviewed by specialists in the field and recommended for publication by the California Council for the Social Studies.

Teaching About the Enduring Legacy of North America's Spanish Colonies: 

Juan Bautista De Anza 

Spring 2017


Maggie Beddow, Ph.D., Mimi Coughlin, Ph.D., 

Teachers: Cheyenne Powell and Octavio Melchor

How Do History and Religion Affect the Reading Habits and Practices of Latino Students

Spring 2016

David L. Moguel, Ph.D.

From Stereotyping and Put-Downs to Collaboration and Problem-Solving:

A Journey in Search of Academic Engagement

Winter 2016

Ronald H. Herring, Ph.D

Promoting Civic Education in Teacher Preparation Programs

Winter 2015

Maggie Beddow, Ph.D., 

Frances Chadwick, Ed.D., 

Frances L. Kidwell, Ed.D

Message to Congress: Don't Leave Social Studies Behind

Spring 2015

Michelle Herczog, Ed.D.

Gender Achievement in Social Studies: Increasing Female Interest and Achievement

Fall 2015

Camille Mora, Ed.D. 

A Road Map to 21st Century Geography Education

Spring 2014

Emily Schell, Ed.D.

The College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework: An Inquiry Approach to Social Studies

Fall 2014

Rebecca Valbuena, Teacher

A Case for Assessment Reform in California Schools

Fall 2013

Jim Hill

What Does it Mean for History-Social Studies Teachers?
California Adopts the Common Core State Standards

Summer 2012

Michelle Herczog, Ed.D.

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