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Melissa Canlas & People's Inauguration Day

We are looking forward to this year's CCSS Annual Conference. This past week, we had the pleasure of speaking with the panelists who will be featured on the opening panel, "Making Meaning in This Moment of Change" and left those exchanges more excited than ever.

It should be a very lively discussion, one rooted in history and the knowledge of movements, national and global, past, present and future! One of the panelists, Melissa Canlas, an Assistant Professor of International and Multicultural Education at USF, is also the Director of Education at the Revolutionary Love Project.

In hopes of whetting your appetite to join us for the panel, we are sharing a short article about the People's Inauguration Day, hosted by the Revolutionary Love Project that recently concluded. It's one of the many amazing projects the team at the Revolutionary have been up to in recent days. Look for more updates about the other panelist as we get closer to the conference date. See you soon!

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