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Janeen Zambo


Janeen Zambo earned her B.A. in Social Science from CSU, Stanislaus in
1992, a single subject credential in Social Science in 1993 and began teaching world and U.S. History in Modesto City Schools in 1993. Since then she has taught numerous high school social science courses including AP European History, AP U.S. Government, and history for a pathway academy. Janeen returned to college in 2014 to pursue an EdD in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on K-12 education, graduating in 2017 with honors. Janeen currently serves as the 7-12 Social Science Coordinator for Modesto City Schools and Central Area Vice president for the California Council for the Social Studies.


I have taught social science for Modesto City Schools for more than 25 years, currently as the district Social Science Coordinator. I believe that first-rate social science instruction is vitally important to the survival of the democratic society in which we live. With the development and implementation of the 2016 California History/Social Science Framework we are witnessing an opportunity to redesign instruction to strengthen our already robust curricular guidelines and to meet the needs of all students in attaining critical thinking routines and historical knowledge to support civic responsibility. I also believe strongly that the only way to improve student literacy development is through the inclusion of the social sciences at every grade level and strengthening of literacy skills in every social science course. The best way to reinforce the integration of social science disciplines and skills is through coordinated, practical professional development for new and veteran instructors.

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