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Social Studies Review 2018 - 2019

Technology in

History - Social Science Education

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Technology in History - Social Science Education

  1. Cover and Table of Contents

  2. Front matter

  3. Issue Introduction (Al Rocca)

  4. Technology in History-Social Science Education-- Theme Introduction (George Sabato)

  5. Inquiry, Mindfulness, Innovation, and Technology (Susan Geidner)

  6. Leveraging Digital Media in the Social Studies Classroom (Denise Phillips)

  7. Using Virtual Reality to Prepare Our Students for Global Citizenship (Benjamin James)

  8. Google MyMaps--4th Grade Geography and History (Al Rocca)

  9. Games and Teaching Civics in the 21st Century--(Louise Dube)

  10. Civics in the Digital Age--(Keri Doggett)

  11. Podcasting in the Classroom--(Danny Hauger)

  12. Making History Come to Life (Karalee Nakatsuka)

  13. Teaching Tough Topics with Tech--Slavery (Robin Pulido)

  14. Empowering Future Teachers--Ed Tech. (Wendy Rouse)

  15. Project Imagine--the Possibilities (Meg Honey)

  16. Increase Peer Review and Improve Your Writing Instruction (Scott Petri)

  17. Technology and the Social Studies Classroom--Today_s Tools (Rachel Langenhorst)

  18. Implementing Movies and Technology into the 21st Century Classroom (Sarah Greif)

  19. Don't Be Afraid--You, Too, Can Use Tech in Your Classroom (Joelle Jordan)

  20. Technology Facilitates Interdisciplinary Social Studies and Science (Gail McEachron)

  21. Fortunately, Unfortunately--Using Tech in the Elementary Classroom (Priscilla Porter)

  22. Technology--The Challenge and Solution for Middle School (Amy Vigil)

  23. To Trust or Not--Media Literacy (Liz Ramos)

  24. Adoption of Technology Materials (George Sabato)

  25. History of Technology in the History Classroom (Michael Geselowitz)

  26. A Brief Walk through Computer History (Al Rocca)

  27. 20 Essential Technology Terms for Teachers (Adam Heckler)

  28. SSReview 2018-19 Full Issue

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