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March 2022 Spotlight

Welcome to the March CCSS Spotlight Issue: Connect, Collaborate, Construct HSS Disciplinary Learning. In the spirit of the upcoming 2022 California Council for the Social Studies Conference, Social Studies in a New Era: Connect, Collaborate, Construct on March 4-6, 2022, this issue will share resources to support disciplinary literacy and learning. History-social studies is an integration of stories and themes that frame the human condition and the life of the planet. The classroom is a dynamic space for learning and thinking through the disciplines, varied texts, and academic conversations. Students connect, listen and bridge understanding of self and others. They collaborate, debate, unite and rally around a forward vision for their future. And ultimately, each lesson leads to opportunities to construct informed civic action. The March calendar resources and literature suggestions are adaptable across the grade levels and will provide ideas to build content and literacy.

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