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Economic Education in the 21st Century
, June 2013, Vol.52
Students make economic choices everyday, some of which may impact their entire lives. Help students make the best choices through good economic reasoning.

Language Development in Social Studies, June 2012, Vol. 51

This is an excellent resource for working with methods for EL students in social studies classrooms at all levels.

hifts and Trends in Social Studies Education: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
June 2011, Vol 50,

This is a summary of  the recent reform movements in education and how they have influenced social studies.

The New World History: How can we bring our students' world into the classroom?
  Spring-Summer 2010, Vol. 49, n. 1

This issue has been used all over the nation to provide an overview and examples of the new ways of conceptualizing world history based on a cross regional discussion of issues and themes.

How Do Children Make a Difference in Our World? Spring-Summer 2009, Vol 48, N.2

If you have an interest in service learning or engaging students in real world projects this issue provides many idea and examples.

How Do We Provide Access and Equity in Social Studies Education?
, Fall-Winter 2009, N.1

This issue will be especially useful to new teachers and to veteran educators facing the challenges of changing student demographics.

How Do We Strengthen Social Studies in Teacher Education?
Spring-Summer 2008, Vol 47, N.2

This Review focuses on the preparations necessary for the standards and ELA assessment-driven classroom.

War and Conflict
, Fall-Winter 2007, Vol 47, N.1
Though several years old, this issue does well in helping educators deal with the war and conflict ever present in the day's news.


CCSS Special Publications

California Council for the Social Studies: The History and the People Who Made It
Written by Pat Geyer, this fascinating little book describes the evolution of the California Council for Social Studies since its beginning in the early 1960s as the statewide professional organization for History-Social Science educators. The Social Studies Review first published in 1962 is still a top publication in the US for history-social science educators. Today there are more resources offered to members but the dedication to the teaching and learning of social studies has not wavered. To purchase a copy, email See more at:


CCSS Sunburst
Sunburst readers know the latest about what is happening in social studies in California and in the nation. CCSS members enjoy free access to the Sunburst Newsletter with monthly distribution occurring in August, October, November, January, February, April, and May. You may send your articles or requests for advertising to Sunburst Editors Leslie Smith and Laurie Mosier at


CCSS Occasional Papers

CCSS is proud to bring CCSS members a new research-based publication for use in schools and university teacher preparation classrooms. A sample offering on California’s Common Core State Standards and what it means for social studies teachers features the research and writing of Dr. Michelle Herczog, H-SS and Literacy Consultant at LA County Office of Education. 

Because the major measure of school success is labeled English-Language Arts, many school administrators miss the critical contribution that social studies makes to knowledge of society, citizenship development, AND literacy. Many social studies teachers have been left out of the professional development, assessment, and curriculum planning processes in their districts in the last decade. Social studies has a declining portion of the instructional day, especially in elementary schools. The new Common Core ELA standards show the need for strong HSS content instruction K-12 for student and school success. For the sake of our students and our democratic society, this must change. You will find that Dr. Herczog’s article offers strong support for this position.

Access  sample CCSS Occasional Paper: OP_Vol1_ Num1_June 2012 Common Core & H-SS.pdf

CCSS invites authors to submit manuscripts on the following types of topics for publication as peer reviewed Occasional Papers:

  • Substantive articles related to teaching about anthropology, archaeology, civics, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, sociology, and other related humanities and social sciences;
  • Articles related to social studies evaluation and assessment at any level from classroom to national, of various types including formative to summative, and authentic, standardized or standards-based;.
  • Viewpoints, analyses, and criticism of current issues related to social studies;
  • Ideas and techniques for strengthening social studies education at all levels: elementary, middle, high school, and university; and for all learners or specific categories of learners (EL, special education, gifted, etc);.
  • Significant research findings, interpretations, or theories in social studies education;
  • Articles that relate work in other academic disciplines (especially reading, writing, literature, and the arts) to the social studies;.
  • Articles featuring effective uses of instructional technology in social studies instruction and student learning.

The  Publications Committee provides the following CCSS Occasional Paper Guidelines for authors seeking to submit an article for peer review and online publication. CCSS Occasional Paper Guidelines.pdf

Dr. Emily Schell, editor for Social Studies Review, and Maggie Beddow, editor for the Occasional Papers, invite you to submit an article on a research-based topic or to be a peer reviewer. Contact the editors: and Authors and reviewers must be CCSS members. See Join Us for information about becoming a member.



CCSS Social Studies Review Journal

The Social Studies Review (SSR) is the official journal of the California Council for the Social Studies. It is a nationally recognized and well-respected History-Social Science publication. The journal offers cutting edge commentary and ideas for classroom teachers, curriculum consultants, and college-university educators. By joining CCSS you too can receive the Social Studies Review. See below for the latest issues of SSR. Contact the CCSS Executive Secretary to purchase a copy of a specific issue Find the information about joining CCSS to receive future copies at Join Us

Guidelines for Unsolicited Articles for SSR

Author's Permission Form


Become a Publication Reviewer
CCSS now has two juried publications:  the annual professional journal called Social Studies Review, and a single topic quarterly short research publication called CCSS Occasional Papers.  We are seeking reviewers and authors for the Occasional Papers and reviewers for the Social Studies Review.

Being an author or reviewer is a great way to become part of the educational research community and a leader in the California Council for Social Studies.  It also helps authors and reviewers earn academic credit for school or university professional standing such as the Academic Performance Review.  Both of these juried publications are designed for use as professional development tools in K-12 and as resources for faculty in pre-service classrooms at the university. 

Complete the form below. It is in .doc format so you can easily fill in the information we require. Send the completed form to Emily Schell and Maggie Beddow you will be sent publications to review by the program editors. This professional opportunity is available only to CCSS members who apply and are selected based on needed expertise.  SSR-OP-Rev-ReviewerRecruitLtr_Ap-1.doc

One of the great benefits of California Council for the Social Studies membership is the subscription to CCSS's award-winning publications that comes with it. The website offers many resources for educators K-18 and is available to everyone, both members and non members.

Other CCSS publications require recipients to be members. The electronic newsletter comes in member emails about six time per year with occasional "in betweeners" if there are many things going on. The premier publication is Social Studies Review, an annual peer reviewed professional journal. It is available in most university libraries and is used not only by in service teachers but by many university pre-service faculty. Each is on a specific high interest/high need topic and the Guest Editors are drawn from the top social studies specialists at universities and county offices of education in California.

Our newest publication is the CCSS Occasional Papers. This is also a professional, juried publication but it is more flexible than the Review since it is not themed and is much shorter. The goal of the Occasional Papers is to address issues of teacher preparation at the university and professional development at the school site. CCSS is seeking authors who work in those capacities to provide research-based articles on topics of need among their constituents.

CCSS also offers valuable Special Publications to support history-social science leaders in planning professional development, designing curriculum, and selecting instructional materials.

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